If your student(s) are interested in participating at the Murphy Outback we'd love to have them join us. We simply ask that you, as the parent/guardian fill out a permission slip and have it returned to the Outback by their second visit.


You can always fill out the permission slip at this page or you can find a copy of our permission slip HERE


We are located at 8561 New Hope Road behind the Murphy Chapel Church and right next door to Lincoln Savage Middle School.


Our goal at the Murphy Outback is for every student to feel welcome and safe. We do not allow bullying of any form. 

All of our staff and volunteers are caring, trusting adults who have had a criminal background check performed on them prior to their involvement with any students. 


You can find out more about when we are open and how to get a hold of us by visiting our "Contact" page.

As parents we know that you may have more questions than what this website can answer, so please feel free to contact either one of our staff if you have any questions.


Gary Elledge 541-659-0520

Adam Elledge 541-973-0367