About the Murphy Outback

The purpose of the Murphy Outback Youth Ministries is to reach youth with the salvation message of Jesus Christ. We do this by providing a safe environment before and after school, offering activities for youth to participate in where adults can interact one on one and build lasting relationships, meet physical and mental needs and share the truths of Scripture whenever possible.


Gary Elledge | Executive Director


Adam Elledge | Program Director

Bio: Grew up in the Murphy area, attended Lincoln Savage and graduated Hidden Valley High School in 2007. He then graduated from Simpson University in Redding, California. Adam also runs the boys program at Wilderness Trails inc. He started working for Murphy Outback in 2019.


Marty Steiner

Alyson Madison

Genine McDonald

Stacey Hames

Nancy Nelson

Krista Heitman

Tammy Elledge

Board Members

Jorge Sotelo  | Board President

Gabe Wade | Secretary

Lyla Wade

Carlee Nelson

Gary Elledge

Tammy Elledge

Larry McMichael